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October 2022

Snowflake integration

With Snowflake’s Secure Data Sharing integration, you can gain instant access to valuable first-party user data generated from Cordial—directly in your designated Snowflake account. Cordial’s Snowflake portal provides seamless, secure, and real-time access to your data, giving you actionable insights about your business.

Recharge integration

Cordial's integration with Recharge empowers you to access and leverage your subscription data in our powerful customer engagement platform. This gives you the ability to trigger messages, personalize content, segment, and report on audience trends based on real-time subscription status.

Azure integration

Microsoft’s Azure Blob Storage is a massively scalable and secure object storage for unstructured data. Our integration enables you to use Microsoft Azure as a source for importing and exporting data into and out of your Cordial account, leveraging the best of both tools. After you've connected Cordial to Azure, you can easily import and export data from Azure Blob containers.

Enhanced SMS link shortener utility

You can use data-crdl-key with our SMS link shortener utility to set up link tracking functionality for shortened SMS links. The key allows you to group links together for reporting, and it enables Cordial to generate a click event for each unique link. This enhancement provides more insight about customer engagement and interaction. 

Group Message Reports by audience

You can now group Message Reports by audience, making it easy to analyze the performance of messages in one or more audience segments. Saving you time when pulling reports, this feature makes it easier to compare performance across batch messages, automated messages, and Podium orchestrations.

Enhanced mParticle integration 

Cordial seamlessly connects to mParticle as your established CDP so you can get the most out of all your data. Our enhanced integration with mParticle empowers you to stream real-time event and contact data to mParticle. Cordial’s event data includes supporting metadata and contact identifiers to help mParticle create a more holistic view of your customer.

Support for Android 13

Cordial supports the enhanced functionality of Android 13, which includes updates to notification permissions and Airship support, helping you stay up to date with complianceand ensuring optimal message performance.

Start time for hourly throttled batch messages

After you set the start time for an hourly throttled batch message, it will be displayed in the Schedule pane on the Message Creation page, giving you quick and convenient insight on your batch message.




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