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Audience Trends analytics


The Audience Trends page allows you to view the population of one or multiple audiences over set time periods of 7 days, 30 days or 12 months. In order to view audience trends, the desired audience(s) must be saved and Audience Trend analytics enabled.

If Audience Trend analytics are enabled for an audience, Cordial will generate a snapshot of audience rule aggregates daily at 12 am (midnight) America/Los_Angeles. 

Enable Audience Trend analytics

In order to create an Audience Trends report, you must enable Audience Trend analytics for one or more audience rules.

1. Log in to Cordial and navigate to Contacts > Audiences.

2. Hover over the arrow next to the desired audience rule and select Enable Audience Trend Analytics.

Create an Audience Trends report

1. Navigate to Analytics > Audience Trends.

2. Load the desired audience(s) by clicking in the open text field and typing the name of the audience(s).

3. Select the time frame for the report:

  • Past 7 days
  • Past 30 days
  • Past 12 months

4. Hover over a date for more granular data information.

5. Enable or disable the visibility of an audience by clicking its name at the bottom of the report. 

6. Print the report or download an image of it by clicking the hamburger menu and selecting the desired option.



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