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Account and password


The Account and Password page contains login information and preferences for your Cordial account.

View the Account and Password page

1. Log in to Cordial and select Account & Password from the dropdown in the upper right corner.

2. The Account and Password page will appear.

Change password

1. To change your password, select Edit in the Change Password pane.

2. Enter your current password, then enter and re-enter your new password.

3. Select Save.

Change user name and email

1. To change your user name or email, select Edit in the Change User Name & Email pane and make the desired changes.

2. Select Save.

User Preference

Select Edit on this pane to change your method for message content.

  • WYSWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) Editor: Use this editor for basic text stylizing and decoration. This option is not recommended for advanced content editing such as dynamic content and responsive design. The editor may also re-write some HTML tags when pasting into source mode.
  • HTML Input: A basic text input for all HTML, CSS, and Smarty code.

In the next article, you can learn about adding users.



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