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Account transports


Transports are the vehicle responsible for sending messages from your account. Different transports are set up for your account based on the type of sending you do, the channels utilized, and the sending domains.

View account transports

To view your account transports, log in to Cordial and navigate to Settings > Account Transports.

Email transports

Email transports are set up according to their classification as either promotional or transactional.

  • Promotional: Messages sent to drive awareness and promote a specific product, sale, or anything else you want people to know about.
  • Transactional: Messages sent as the result of a specific action taken by a customer, such as browsing a certain product.

Each transport may have one or more sending domains available. Messages will pre-populate with the default transport and domain selected for your account.

To set up additional sending transports, contact your Client Success Manager.

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