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December 2022

Multiple vanity domain support

With this new enhancement, you can choose from any of the vanity domains in your account and match it to the domain of the website that's used when sending a message with link tracking enabled, empowering you to measure attribution within a single account.

This feature is designed to support global clients with multiple domains (.com, .ca, .uk, etc.) for the same brand. Contact your CSM to add vanity domains to your account.

Heap integration

With the Heap integration, you can send event and contact data from Cordial to Heap and vice versa, giving your teams a complete understanding of your customers' digital journeysso you can quickly improve conversion, retention, and customer delight.

Enhanced integration with Facebook Custom Audiences

We've updated our integration with Facebook Custom Audiences with the latest Facebook Business SDK (v15). This update will ensure continued success with the integration between Cordial and Facebook Custom Audiences, which allows you to target Facebook ads to your Cordial contacts.

Updated extension for Magento

To optimize our integration with Magento, we've updated the Cordial extension file. 



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