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Snowflake as a source


When Snowflake as a data source is enabled, your Cordial account automatically queries a table (or view) in your Snowflake warehouse on a regular interval. Cordial automatically detects any new or updated customer records, and updates those records in our system. This keeps your customer data in sync with Snowflake cloud data for accurate segmentation and personalization, eliminating the need for a separate client-managed ETL integration between your cloud warehouse and messaging platform.

Establish a table or view in your Snowflake account

Within your Snowflake account, create a table to store the customer data you want to utilize in in your Cordial account.

The column headers and data types in this table should match the attribute keys used for your contact attributes. If a specific column has a header value that does not exactly match an attribute or list key, that column will be ignored. 

The table must contain a column UPDATED_AT that stores the last modified date for that row. Cordial will skip all rows where the UPDATED_AT value is older than the last query to that view, ensuring that only new or newly updated records are imported.

Enable Snowflake as a source

1. Navigate to Administration > Marketplace and select Enable on the Snowflake card.

2. Fill in the required information:

  • Snowflake account identifier
  • Warehouse name
  • Username
  • Password
  • Role name
  • Database name
  • Table or view name
  • Scheme name

3. Click Test Connection. If it's successful, select Continue.

Use Snowflake as a source

Once you've successfully enabled Snowflake as a source, Cordial will automatically query Snowflake every 15 minutes, updating any modified records and inserting any new records since the last sync. To stop the sync, you can disable the connection by clicking Configure on the Snowflake Marketplace card and selecting the the Disable button. When the connection is re-enabled, the job will continue looking for all records that were inserted or updated since the last sync.



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