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January 2023

SMS & MMS experiments

Experiments provide a simple yet powerful way to create and test multiple SMS or MMS messages against one another—with the ability to select the best-performing message for a specific KPI.

Snowflake as a source

When Snowflake is enabled as a data source, Cordial automatically queries Snowflake, detects any new or updated customer records, and updates those records in our system. This keeps your customer data in sync with Snowflake cloud data for accurate segmentation and personalization.

Identity Reporting Dashboard

Available to clients who've purchased the premium tier of Cordial's Identity solution, the Identity Dashboard shows how many anonymous contacts our Identity solutions have identified and the associated revenue attribution. Contact your CSM to have this feature enabled.

Enhanced Facebook Custom Audiences integration

Our Facebook Custom Audiences integration allows you to sync with multiple Facebook Ad accounts to ensure maximum reach and conversion. You can send contacts' email addresses and phone numbers to Facebook Ads, helping you create highly effective audiences.

Latest Shopify API

We've upgraded to the latest version of Shopify's API to keep this integration as impactful as possible. 




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