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Cordial AI solutions


Transform your marketing with Cordial's AI-powered solutions and insights. We offer innovative AI tools that empower marketers to unleash their full creativity. Customizable to your unique needs, our current and upcoming AI offerings bolster creativity and automate routine decision making, presenting exciting new potential for your teams and marketing strategies. 

Generative AI

Generate smarter content—faster—using our generative AI solutions. You can swiftly generate email subject lines and cross-channel message content to optimize the production process and spark creativity. Our AI content generation tools rapidly deliver text suggestions based on basic details that can be customized for tone and length with a click of a button.

Predictive AI

With Cordial's predictive AI solutions, you have the power to anticipate your customers’ every move. Our machine learning tools enable you to predict future behaviors and actions, determine the propensity of your customers, predict buying habits, and mitigate churn. You can leverage Cordial's predictive AI to easily build audiences, recommend products, and personalize the user experience by making informed decisions about future behaviors of your customers.

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