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July and August 2023

Generative AI subject lines

Optimize the impact of your email messages and minimize the time it takes to create them with generative subject lines. Our generative subject line tool rapidly delivers text suggestions based on basic details that can be customized for tone and length with a click of a button. Generative AI subject lines are available in batch messages, automated messages, and message experiments.

Generative AI content in Sculpt blocks

AI-powered content generation is now available within the Sculpt editor for both text and rich text area blocks so you can more speedily build impactful email and in-app messages. Generate smarter content—faster—that will resonate with your contacts.

Modern refresh

The next generation of Cordial’s user experience is coming in September 2023. The new look introduces a fresh visual design that's inviting and approachable for marketers to truly be creative and innovative—all without changing the workflows you know and love today.

Transactional SMS messages

You can now send transactional messages through Cordial's SMS channel, adding new personalization potential by empowering you to communicate with contacts according to their real-time behavior on your site or app.

Trigger messages when an order is created or updated

Cordial provides even more opportunities to send your customers the right message at exactly the right time by triggering messages and Podium orchestrations when orders are created or updated.

Enhanced Snowflake integration

Get the most out of this integration by further customizing how Snowflake interacts with Cordial. We've enhanced our integration with Snowflake to support multiple connections, additional time intervals for recurring syncs, and the ability to customize mapping of individual fields from tables for syncs via data automations.

Scriptable API

Built atop our asynchronous API, Cordial's scriptable API enables you to set custom authentication, responses, and payload schemas that align with Cordial's data structure using Smarty scripts. This augments your ability to facilitate integrations between Cordial and other applications that provide value for your business.



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