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September 2023

Modern refresh

If you haven't noticed, we've launched a new modern design—it's a fresh appearance without changing the workflows you know and love.

Tag management

You can organize, manage, and tag assets in real time on our new Tags page. The tag management page provides a centralized location where you can easily organize and edit tagged assets used across campaigns and customer touchpoints, giving you greater insight into your brand's messaging.

Cordial app in Shopify app store

The Cordial app is listed in Shopify's app store, simplifying the process for integrating Cordial and Shopify. Cordial’s Shopify app seamlessly transfers customer, product, and purchase data directly into Cordial. You can immediately use that data to send personalized messages across channels in a unified way—enhancing the shopping experience and increasing revenue.

Podium triggers

We've updated Podium with the ability to trigger orchestrations based on any system event across all channels, providing you with more possibilities for messaging contacts based on their real-time behavior.

New permissions available

You can grant new users with permissions for viewing and editing asset tags, webhooks, and scriptable API endpoints, giving you additional options for team enablement. 



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