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October 2023

Shopify historical import enhancements

We've optimized the process for importing historical Shopify data, so you can start sending your Shopify contacts highly relevant, personalized messages more quickly. The most recent 90 days of Shopify orders are immediately synced in Cordial, empowering your team to leverage that data right away.

New version of the Date Picker

The Date Picker used throughout Cordial, such as at the top of the homepage, has been updated with a calendar view to make it easier and more intuitive to specify date ranges for dashboards, analytics reports, charts, message automations, and more.

Scriptable API and Webhooks

You can give your team access to our powerful Scriptable API and Webhooks functions from the User Roles and Permissions page, streamlining the process of setting up integrations between Cordial and third-party applications. It's never been easier to combine Cordial's real-time functionality with additional tools in your tech stack.

Inbound integrations in the Account Monitor

You can view real-time information about inbound integrations using the Account Monitor. This gives you key details on errors and warnings, empowering you to resolve those issues with more speed and efficiency.

SMS programs in account settings

From the Account Settings page, you can configure transactional and promotional SMS programs, providing your team with high-level organization and control capabilities for your SMS messaging campaigns.

MMS support for dynamic image paths

We've enhanced our MMS utility $utils->setMmsMedia to enable redirects for dynamic image path services and redirection services, bolstering your ability to capture contacts' attention with engaging and relevant images.

API support for Snowflake as a source

Snowflake has been added as a transport to all API import endpoints, making it consistent with SFTP, Google Cloud Storage, and Amazon S3. This added functionality gives you more versatility when leveraging our powerful Snowflake integration.

JavaScript Listener v1 deprecated

JavaScript Listener v1 has been deprecated. You can use JavaScript Listener v2 to capture contact behavior on your website—and then use that real-time data to send impactful, personalized messages.



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