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Purchase Propensity AI


Purchase Propensity is a prediction of a contact's likelihood to make a purchase. The Cordial AI Purchase Propensity tool looks at a contact's buying behavior to predict their propensity score for the next 30 days. You can use that score to create audience segments, run campaigns, or simply understand your contacts better.

Use cases

  • Tailor campaigns or loyalty programs to people with high Purchase Propensity, offering personalized discounts or promo codes to drive sales.
  • Use Purchase Propensity AI alongside Unsubscribe Risk AI to pinpoint cross-selling opportunities for contacts with low unsubscribe risk who are likely to make a purchase.
  • Exclude contacts with low Purchase Propensity from certain campaigns to maximize the impact of your messaging and the efficiency of your process.

Propensity score

Cordial uses a propensity score range of 1-99, where 20 = 20% likelihood to purchase (low), 80 = 80% likelihood to purchase (high), and so on. We recommend that you use whole numbers.

Contact your CSM to enable Purchase Propensity AI. In order to use Purchase Propensity, you need to have site engagement data flowing into your Cordial account.

Purchase Propensity attribute

Cordial AI Purchase Propensity is a contact attribute: crdl_ai_purchase_propensity.

Build an audience with Purchase Propensity

1. Navigate to Contacts > Audiences and select New or edit an existing audience. 

2. Under rules, type in Cordial AI Purchase Propensity or locate it under Attributes.

3. Click on Cordial AI Purchase Propensity or drag it into the Include Contacts section. 

4. Configure your audience according to a Purchase Propensity of your choice using the number setting dropdown (Is less than, Is greater than, etc.). The image below shows customers who have more than a 70% likelihood to make a purchase.

5. Click the Actions button and select Save

6. Once your audience is saved, you can select it when creating or editing messages across channels.

Recommended strategies

You can use Purchase Propensity to segment audiences from the broadest to the most specific level. Broadly, you could create an audience with high, low, or medium Purchase Propensity.

To get more specific, combine the Purchase Propensity attribute with other audience rules such as browse, click, open events, Unsubscribe Risk AI, recent site activity, and many more to create granular audience segmentations.

High Purchase Propensity (greater than 80)

These customers are highly likely to purchase, presenting a great opportunity for cross-selling and upselling. You can also exclude them from promotional messages to protect your margins since they’re already inclined to buy.

Medium Purchase Propensity (20 to 79)

These customers are on the fence. They know and like your brand but might need a little nudge. Remind them of value propositions by including banners for free shipping, material quality, or positive testimonials. Showcasing best-selling products and items on sale are also great ways to reach this audience.

Low Purchase Propensity (less than 20)

These customers don't intend to buy soon and might be at risk of churn. To motivate them, offer great deals with a sense of urgency. Show them new products they might have missed, provide promo codes for savings, or inform them about upcoming sales events. Low Purchase Propensity audiences are also ideal for reactivation campaigns.

Exclude low Purchase Propensity

You could also exclude contacts with a low Purchase Propensity to maximize the reception and impact of your messaging. The following example excludes contacts with a propensity score below 20%.

Medium Purchase Propensity with browse event

The following example shows contacts with a Purchase Propensity above 60% who also browsed an item in a specific category on your site during the past 30 days. You could message these customers about upcoming sales in the same category.

Purchase Propensity + Unsubscribe Risk

This example combines Purchase Propensity AI with Unsubscribe Risk AI to find contacts with a propensity score above 80% who are not likely to unsubscribe. You could use this approach to maximize the impact of your cross-selling efforts.

View a contact's Purchase Propensity

1. To view the Purchase Propensity attribute for an individual contact, navigate to Contacts > Contact Profile and select the contact. 

2. Click the Attributes tab and locate the Cordial AI Purchase Propensity attribute.



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