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Unsubscribe Risk AI


With Cordial's Unsubscribe Risk AI, you can see which customers are at risk of churning based on their past four weeks of interaction behavior. Equipped with that information, you could exclude contacts with a high risk of churn or include those with low risk of churn to maximize the impact of your messaging and the efficiency of your process. Unsubscribe Risk is available for email, SMS, and mobile app (push).

Use cases

  • Exclude contacts with a high risk of churn from certain campaigns to improve retention and maximize the impact of your efforts.
  • Use Unsubscribe Risk AI alongside Purchase Propensity AI to pinpoint cross-selling opportunities for contacts with low unsubscribe risk who are likely to make a purchase.
  • Build campaigns, loyalty programs, and retention strategies for people with a high risk of churn, offering personalized discounts or promo codes.

Contact your CSM to enable Unsubscribe Risk AI. In order leverage Unsubscribe Risk, you need to have relevant engagement data flowing into your Cordial account.

Unsubscribe Risk attribute

Cordial Unsubscribe Risk is a contact attribute by channel:

  • Email: crdl_ai_unsubscribe_risk_email
  • SMS: crdl_ai_unsubscribe_risk_sms
  • Push:  crdl_ai_unsubscribe_risk_email

Once enabled in your account, you can use it to build audiences in the Audience Builder. You can also view the attribute in each contact's Contact Profile

Build an audience with Unsubscribe Risk

1. Navigate to Contacts > Audiences and select New or edit an existing audience. 

2. Under rules, type in Cordial AI Unsubscribe Risk or locate it under Attributes.

3. Drag Cordial AI Unsubscribe Risk for the desired channel (Email, Push, or SMS) into the Include or Exclude section of your audience.

4. Configure your audience according to the Unsubscribe Risk metric of your choice: High or Low.

5. Click the Actions button and select Save

6. Once your audience is saved, you can select it when creating or editing messages across channels.

Recommended Unsubscribe Risk strategies

You can use Unsubscribe Risk AI to segment audiences from the broadest to the most specific level. Broadly, you could create an audience with a high or low unsubscribe risk.

To get more strategic, combine the Unsubscribe Risk attribute with other audience rules such as browse or click events on specific products, Purchase Propensity AI, and many more to create granular segmentations.

Exclude High Unsubscribe Risk

The following example excludes email contacts with a high Unsubscribe Risk.

Include Low Unsubscribe Risk

The next example shows email contacts with a low Unsubscribe Risk.

Low Unsubscribe Risk with browse event

The following example shows email contacts with a low Unsubscribe Risk who have browsed items from a specific category on your site within the past 30 days, which could potentially be a very receptive audience.

Purchase Propensity + Unsubscribe Risk

This example combines Unsubscribe Risk AI with Purchase Propensity AI to find contacts with a propensity score above 80% who are not likely to unsubscribe. You could use this approach to maximize the impact of your cross-selling efforts.

View a contact's Unsubscribe Risk

1. To view the Unsubscribe Risk attribute for an individual contact, navigate to Contacts > Contact Profile and select the contact. 

2. Click the Attributes tab and locate the Cordial AI Unsubscribe Risk attribute by channel.



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