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QA mode on a staging website


Web Form's QA mode makes it easy for you to test your lightboxes on a staging website. The following instructions show you how to set up QA mode across your entire staging website.

Set up QA mode

1. First, copy the Web Form's installation code for your account. You can find the installation code on the Setup Instructions page.

2. Select the installation code you are currently using or planning to use on your site. In this example, we're using the Inline Embed Code version of the installation code, but these steps apply to any version of the code.

3. There is a link in the installation code that ends with either lightbox.js or lightbox_inline.js.

4. Add _qa before .js. Using the example above, the new code becomes:

5. Finally, add this JavaScript code snippet to your staging site. Your lightboxes will now display in QA mode on all pages on your staging website.



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