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Social audiences automations


Social audiences automations allow you to target social media ads to your Cordial contacts by uploading new or existing Cordial audiences to supported social media networks via the UI. Social audiences can be uploaded as static one-time data jobs or as dynamic data automations on a recurring schedule of your choice.

One-time static audience uploads can be used to target and analyze narrowly defined groups of contacts or buyer personas. You may want to create static audience segments based on past behaviors such as past purchases of a limited-time product that is being reintroduced. You may also use insights gained from analyzing static audiences to determine where to focus your time when it comes to social media targeting.

Recurring audience automations will continually update audiences of your choice with the latest Cordial subscribers. Apply your already effective email marketing strategies more broadly by reusing existing email lists and audience segments to create new opportunities on social media.

Note: To enable specific social audiences integrations in your account, along with the required Data Automations feature, please contact your Client Success Manager.


Before uploading a custom audience, the following prerequisites must be met:

  • Have a verified social media account that is set up to send ads.
  • Enable supported social media integration in your Cordial account.
  • Accept any terms and conditions required by the social network.

Create a new data job

Once your social audiences integration is fully configured, you can begin creating one-time and recurring audience uploads. If you plan on working with multiple recurring audience uploads, you will need to create a recurring data job for each audience.

Navigate to Data Jobs > Create New Data Job.

Select One-time to create and upload a static one-time audience or Recurring to create a continually updating dynamic audience.

Note: While audience counts in Cordial are dynamic and may change over time, one-time audience uploads will remain static with the audience count at the time they were uploaded.

Name: Give your new data job a recognizable name. This value will appear on the Data Job Automations page in Cordial as well as your external social audiences account (e.g., Facebook Audiences page in Facebook Business Manager or Audience lists under Audience manager in Google Ads).
Key: Unique identifier used to reference this data job in API calls. The key will auto-populate but the value can be edited. Only available for recurring automations.
Tags: Tags are useful for grouping data jobs together (similar to folders). This field accepts new and existing tag names.

In the steps to follow, you will configure properties for data source, data mapping, and data destination, all of which are instructions telling Cordial what to do with your chosen audience. When creating a recurring audience automation, you will also schedule how often and when to run the automation.

Specify the Data Source

We are working with Internal data (contacts and audiences saved in Cordial) and this data is part of the Contacts data collection.

Choose your audience

Using the Audience Builder, choose which contacts from your Cordial account should be part of this social audience. You can load a previously saved Cordial audience by selecting Load An Audience or build one from scratch using a combination of rules.

Tip: Custom Facebook and Google audiences uploaded from Cordial can be used to create Lookalike Audiences (Facebook) and Similar Audiences (Google). Your custom audiences should consist of at least 100 contacts. The larger the audience, the more matches can be found.

Click Continue to save the audience to proceed.


Map audience to the social audiences integration

In the Data Mapping section, you can set instructions for what happens to the selected data. In this example, we are exporting an audience from Cordial to Facebook using the enabled Facebook Custom Audiences integration.

Choose the appropriate social audiences integration as the Destination for your audience.

You can optionally send job status notifications to one or more email addresses. Email notifications will contain data job performance results including completion date, job status, total records added, and total records removed. If this is a recurring audience automation, a separate email notification will be sent for every audience upload on a recurring schedule.

Map contact attributes

If the social audiences integration requires contact attribute mapping before the upload takes place, the UI will present you with attribute mapping fields when you choose the destination with this requirement.

Using the Google Ads integration as an example, either contact email or phone number attribute must be mapped in order for your audience to be accepted. You can optionally map all requested attributes.

Simply select the Cordial contact attribute from the dropdown menu that corresponds with the requested integration attribute and save your selection.

Upload a one-time audience

One-time audience uploads can be run as soon as the data source, data mapping, and data destination are configured. Unlike recurring audience automations, one-time audiences do not have to be scheduled, published, or enabled.

The Run data job button will become available once the required content is provided.

Publish audience automation

Before publishing, the audience automation is labeled as a draft. Publishing saves your configuration settings for the time being, at which point you are ready to schedule and enable the automation.

You can change the initial configuration settings at any time by copying the published automation to draft, making the necessary changes, and publishing it once again. Previously published versions will be saved under the Past Versions tab. Learn more about content versioning.

Schedule audience automation

Now that the recurring audience automation is fully configured and published, it’s time to schedule how often and when audience uploads will occur.

Navigate to Recurring located in the left sidebar.

Schedule recurring audience automations by specifying upload frequency, time of day and start date. You can specify an end date if your campaign is running for a specific period of time. Otherwise, you can leave this option disabled and your audience will continue to synchronize until manually disabled.

Schedule interval: Choose from a list of intervals grouped by hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly categories.
Schedule time: Set the time of day recurring uploads will run. The time zone is set globally based on the main Cordial account time zone settings.
Start date: Select the upload start date.
End date: Enable this option if your audience is tied to a campaign with a known end date. Audience uploads will stop after this date.

Enable audience automation

Enabled audience automations will run automatically according to the set schedule. You can change the schedule at any time without disabling the automation.

Click Enable, and if everything is set up correctly, you will see a notification that the data job has been saved successfully. Your first audience upload will occur on the date and time you indicated in the schedule.

Performance results

Cordial audiences are dynamic in nature and audience counts can vary over time due to changes in contact attribute values, purchases, custom events, subscribe and unsubscribe events, etc.

One-time audience uploads create a snapshot of the audience at a specific point in time. Changes to the original Cordial audience may occur over time, but one-time audience uploads in your external social audiences account will remain unchanged. To refresh the contact count of one-time audience uploads, they will need to be deleted and uploaded again.

Results for one-time audience uploads include upload date, status and total added:

Recurring audience automations keep your social audiences updated with valid Cordial subscribers automatically. Any contacts who have been added to the Cordial audience since the last upload will also be added to the existing social audience. Contacts who were previously uploaded to the social audience, but are no longer part of the Cordial audience, will be removed from the social audience.

Results for recurring audience automations will consist of a new entry for every upload as it occurs according to the schedule. The results are listed starting with the most recent upload:

Date: Date and time stamp when the upload occurred.
Status: Upload status. Can be complete or failed.
Total added: Number of contacts added to the audience. Can be 0 if no new contacts were added to the Cordial audience since the last upload.
Total removed: Number of contacts removed from the audience. Can be 0 if no contacts were removed from the Cordial audience since the last upload.



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