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Configure the FCM


Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) is Google’s messaging and notifications service that allows you to integrate push notifications in your apps, similar to the Apple Push Notification Service for iOS.

Message requests sent to FCM will need to be authorized before they are routed to your apps and eventually to your contacts’ devices. FCM can handle service account authentication by validating a project-specific Server Key and Sender ID combo. Cordial will require the Server Key for the project that contains your app in order to set up proper authentication channels with FCM servers.

As an Android developer, you likely already have a FCM account with an active project and apps. This is a prerequisite for setting up Android push notifications using Cordial SDK.

Locate your server key

1. Log in to your FCM account and open your project.

2. Navigate to the gear icon in the upper left menu of the project page and select Project Settings.

3. You will be taken to the General project settings page. From here, navigate to the Cloud Messaging tab to access your project credentials.

4. You can copy the entire Server key and provide it to Cordial when requested. Your Sender ID is also stored on this page in the event it is needed during setup.



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