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Mobile app channel setup


The mobile app channel enables you to send mobile app messages to contacts as batch or automated messages, also allowing you to collect data using Cordial's native mobile app solution.

Please contact your CSM for details about enabling the mobile app channel for your account. The time to onboard will vary based on the complexity of your app, developer resources, and use cases.

Create mobile app channels

1. To create a mobile app channel in your account, first provide your CSM with a name for the channel.

2. Once your channel is created, navigate to Settings > Account Transports.

3.Select the Transport Name of the channel.

4. Select the Edit button to the right of your iOS or Android Sending Credentials and put in the following information:

5. Find your channel key in the Settings dropdown at the top of your Cordial navigation bar.

You need to provide your app development team with your channel key and the two vanity domains provided by your CSM in order to complete the next step.

Integrate the Cordial Mobile SDK

Once you have your mobile app channel created, your app development team can integrate the Cordial Mobile SDK by following these instructions on the Gitlab page.

Test the Cordial Mobile SDK

Once your app development team has successfully integrated the Cordial SDK, you can test the following use cases to make sure your app is working as expected.

Example test process

1. Log in a contact.

2. Verify that standard events are showing up inside Cordial, such as crdl_app_open.

3. Verify that custom events are showing up inside Cordial.

4. Send a push notification and tap on it.

5. Update a contact's cart items.

6. Place an order.

Import existing device tokens (optional)

If you're migrating from another mobile app solution, you likely already have a group of app users. Cordial allows you to import those existing device tokens so you can send those users messages right away instead of waiting for them to update their application.

Devices that have been imported will not be have the Cordial mobile SDK installed. This will prevent these devices from being able to report events, cart items, orders, and similar data to Cordial. You can expect message performance KPIs to fall until most of your app users have updated their application to a version that contains the Cordial SDK.

Release your app

Once you have confidence that your app is working correctly, you can release your app to the Google Play Store and iOS App Store. Talk with your app development team about options for releasing, such as doing a gradual rollout. If you imported any devices, these will get updated automatically as app users update to the new version of your app.




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