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June 2022

Enhanced integration with Amplitude

Cordial's integration with Amplitude has only gotten better, as you can now send significantly more events from Cordial to Amplitude.

Enhanced integration with Google Cloud Storage

Using Cordial's Service Account, you can read, write, and delete files in Google Cloud Storage directly from our platform.

Continually failed SMS contacts are marked as invalid

SMS contacts that continually fail over seven consecutive sends are marked as invalid. Cordial automatically suppresses addresses marked as invalid from any sent message. SMS contacts that continually fail to receive SMS messages put unnecessary strain on the mobile carrier's ability to deliver messages in a timely manner. Removing old or unengaged subscribers from a marketing list results in more engagement, more responses, and more revenue.

Sculpt Editor enhancements

You can enter a color hex# directly into the color field of a Sculpt block, and you can allow form fields to default to empty instead of displaying lorem ipsum text.

Suppress triggers to avoid unwanted message sending

You can suppress triggers in supplements and contacts import data jobs to avoid unwanted message sending.



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