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Attentive integration


Cordial’s integration with Attentive enables you to build SMS messages in Cordial and route them through Attentive’s carrier network. You can leverage specific Attentive features like web forms, Conversational SMS, or International SMS sending.

Integrate Cordial with Attentive

1. Contact your Cordial CSM to have the Attentive Marketplace card enabled in your account.

2. Create a custom app within the Attentive platform. 

You must set Messages and Subscribers to Write permissions when creating the app in Attentive. 

3. Your custom Attentive app will generate an API key, webhook key, and Signup Source ID.

4. Log into Cordial and navigate to Marketplace > Attentive. Paste the Attentive-generated API key, webhook key, and Signup Source ID into the Attentive Marketplace card.

5. When you select the Enable button and click Save, Cordial will verify the successful setup.

Set up SMS account settings in Cordial

In your Cordial account, navigate to Account Settings > SMS. Edit the page by adding your short code from Attentive: 

  • Program Name 
  • Brand Name 
  • The Program keyword, “Attentive”

Attentive will set up the double opt-in keyword in their platform as well as the compliance messages. In the Cordial platform, however, there needs to be some text available in the opt-in, confirmation, and help message fields even though these will not be displayed during double opt-in. 

Send an SMS

Sending an SMS or MMS message from Cordial through Attentive works exactly as it does todaywith a message body that may include Smarty and shortened links. You will continue to see the message performance details in Cordial. 

In the Attentive platform, you can view the account dashboard for metrics like subscribed/unsubscribed contacts and number of sent messages.

The message name will appear in the Cordial platform but not in Attentive. The message body is available in Attentive at the subscriber level.



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