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July 2022

Account Monitoring dashboard

Cordial's Account Monitoring dashboard provides you with key information on errors and warnings, empowering you to resolve those issues.

Phrasee integration

Our integration with Phrasee will help you enhance and personalize customer experiences by optimizing the language you use across the full customer journey and spectrum of digital brand channels.

Enhanced mParticle integration

We've enhanced our integration with mParticle, which allows you to send cross-channel engagement data from Cordial to mParticle, where it can then be routed to any of mParticle's tools and integrations. 

Enhanced contact imports

You can now add or remove contacts to a new or existing list in bulk. 

SMS character counter

The SMS character counter shows you how many characters you have left to use in an SMS message.

New valid status for SMS

SMS contacts that continually fail over seven consecutive sends are marked as invalid. Cordial automatically suppresses addresses marked as invalid from any sent message.

Enhanced delay trigger for message orchestrations

You can now choose to delay sending your messages until a specified time, helping you reach customers at the best possible moment.




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