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User activities


The User Activities dashboard provides insight on specific users and activities within Cordial, empowering you to troubleshoot and much more.

You can configure access to this dashboard in Roles and permissions.

View the User Activities dashboard

1. To view the User Activities dashboard, log into Cordial and select User Activities from the dropdown in the upper right.

2. The User Activities dashboard will appear.

View activities

Click the All Activities dropdown to view all activities that can be completed within Cordial, from updates to user roles and accounts to CRUD operations around messages, data automations, and API calls—and much more

When searching within All Activities, you can narrow your search terms by selecting Message ID, Batch Name, Template Name, or Job ID from the second dropdown and entering the relevant information. 

Additional filters

Many activities have additional options for filters that are specific to that activity. These filters appear in the second dropdown after you've selected an activity.

For example, if you select the activity Orchestration created, you'll have the option to search by Orchestration ID or Orchestration name.

Search by user

You can search activities connected to a specific user by selecting their username from the All Users dropdown.

Search by date

You can search activities that have occurred within the following timeframes. You can also search by custom dates or by selecting an activity during a specific time on the activities timeline.

Activity details

1. To view the details of an activity, select the activity from the results table. 

2. The Activity Details pane will appear.



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