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Send Data from Amplitude to Cordial


With Amplitude and Cordial's cohort integration, you can sync users from Amplitude cohorts to Cordial lists. Using lists along with other contact data in Cordial, you can create dynamic segments of contacts for sending messages, searching contacts, and filtering analytics reports.

Send cohorts from Amplitude to Cordial

The Cordial destination is currently in open beta, which means that we're still actively developing the destination. If you have any feedback to help improve the Cordial destination and/or our documentation, contact the Cordial support team.

Cordial setup

1. Log into Cordial, click the Administration dropdown, and select API Keys.

2. Select New on the API Keys page.

Amplitude setup

1. Log into Amplitude and navigate to Data Destinations

2. Click View All Destinations, then select the Cordial - Cohort tile.

3. Complete the Name and API Key fields.

4. Reach out to your Cordial CSM to get your Amplitude service URL. Paste that URL into the Endpoint field.

For us-west-1 accounts, the URL is For us-west-2 accounts, the URL is

5. In Cordial, complete the Contact identifier name field. Users will be identified by this key in Cordial. For example, “email.”

6. In the Contact identifier mapping dropdown, select a user property name, the value of which will be passed as the value for Contact identifier.

7. Save the destination.

After a cohort is synced, the contacts will be added to a list in Cordial. The list is named with the cohort name in Amplitude with spaces removed. For example, when the “activeusers” cohort with 10 users is synced to Cordial, you will see exactly 10 contacts added to the “activeusers” list. When a user is removed from a cohort and the cohort is synced, the contact is removed from the list. Please refer to our Lists article for details on using lists.



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