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September 2022

Cordial support for new iOS 15 features

Cordial supports both new iOS 15 features: interruption level and relevance score.

  • Interruption level: Apps can now specify what notifications include sounds or vibrations (interruptions), based on urgency. 
Note: Users are still in control of notifications on their device.
  • Relevance score: Apps can also specify which push notifications are most relevant by setting a relevance score. This score determines which notifications are shown in the Notification Summary, and which ones are available after users click into the summary.

mParticle integration

Our integration with mParticle enables you to send cross-channel engagement data from mParticle to Cordial, where it can then be routed to any of Cordial's tools and integration partners. You can also send data from Cordial to mParticle.



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