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Sending priority


You can set sending priority by channel and within individual messages to customize and optimize your communication flow. Because sending priority impacts all of your messaging—across all channels—we recommend that you establish a sustainable and consistent priority order that makes sense for your business.

Keep in mind that each sending priority setting is like a pipeline: if you put too many messages into one pipeline, it won't be as efficient. Once you've established a priority order, it's important to stay aware of what messages and campaigns are in each priority setting.

Contact your CSM to enable sending priority by channel in your account.

Transactional email messages are set to the highest priority by default. If you set another channel to the same priority or higher, your transactional emails will no longer take precedent.

Set sending priority by channel

1. Log in to Cordial and navigate to Settings > Account Settings.

2. In the Queue Management pane, select Edit to set the desired priority for each channelwith Priority 4 being the highest and Priority 1 being the lowest.  

Email has two priority settings: one for Transactional and one for Promotional.

The default priority settings are as follows: Email Transactional: 3, Email Promotional: 2, SMS: 2, Push: 2, Rest: 2.

3. Click Save.

Set sending priority by message

You can also set sending priority within an individual message. This is useful if you need to prioritize a specific communication.

Keep the pipeline analogy in mind: giving a message Priority 4 puts it in the Priority 4 pipeline along with all the other messages in that queue. Putting too many messages in one pipeline can have a bottleneck effect.

New message

1. Log in to Cordial and navigate to Messages > Create New Message and select the desired sending priority from the dropdown menu.

Existing message

1. To set the sending priority of an existing message, navigate to Messages and select the desired message. 

2. Click the Priority setting in the upper left pane to edit the sending priority for the message.

3. In the Edit Message pane, select the desired Priority for your message.

4. Click Continue.



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