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Facebook Custom Audiences integration


Our Facebook Custom Audiences integration allows you to target Facebook ads to your Cordial contacts by uploading new or existing audiences to Facebook via the UI.

You can use custom audiences uploaded from Cordial when running ads across multiple locations, including Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network, and Messenger.


Before uploading a custom audience, you must:

  • Have a verified Facebook account that's set up to send ads.
  • Accept Facebook’s Custom Audiences Terms.
  • Give Cordial permission to access your Facebook account(s).

Give Cordial access permission

To upload custom audiences, your Facebook app must give Cordial permission to make requests to Facebook.

1. Log in to Cordial and select Marketplace from the Administration dropdown.

2. Locate the Facebook Ads card and select Enable.

If the card is not visible, please contact your Client Success Manager to have it enabled in your account.

3. Select the Enable option.

4. Click the Log in With Facebook button to log in to your Facebook account that's set up to send ads.

5. Once logged into Facebook, you'll see your Facebook Ad Account ID. If applicable, you can choose multiple ad accounts to use. The chosen account IDs allow Cordial to send custom audiences to Facebook on your behalf.

6. Back in Cordial, click on the Accept Facebook TOS button to accept Facebook's terms.

7. To complete the setup process, click the Close button. The Facebook Custom Audience integration is now enabled.

If at any time you want to disable Cordial’s access to your Facebook account, click on the Configure button, choose Disable from the check boxes and click Disable.

Send contacts to Facebook

1. Log in to Cordial and navigate to Data Jobs > Create New Data Job

2. Fill out the required fields and choose a data job Type and Priority setting, then click Continue.

3. Click Edit in the Data Source pane.

4. Select your audience (Data source), Internal for the source, and the Data collection you want to use.

5. Choose the appropriate audience(s) in the Audience Builder and click Continue.

6. Select Edit in the Data Mapping pane and choose Export to integration.

7. Select Facebook Ad Manager under the Integration options in the Destination pane.

8. If you have more than one, select which Facebook Ad account to use as a destination. 

9. Choose which Cordial attributes to map to Facebook Ad Manager in the dropdown menus.

You can map both email addresses and phone numbers to Facebook Ad Manager.

10. Once the inputs have been added to the data job, Publish the job. Your audience will be sent to Facebook.



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