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Batch experiment performance


The experiments performance page gives you insight on how an experiment performed for a single sent batch message.

View batch experiment performance 

To view a batch message experiment performance, open the desired sent message (Messages > Sent) and click on Experiments under Message Performance in the left navigation. From here you can view results for subject line and body experiments.

Subject line experiment performance

On the Experiments page, you can view experiment settings as well as results for each test variant and champion.

The results shown above are at the time of champion selection. Opens and clicks can still occur after a champion is selected. Using the dropdown menu under Test Variants, you can view performance at the time of champion selection or at the current performance time.

Body experiment performance

If a body experiment is run, you'll see the results below the subject line experiment pane. You can view experiment settings information as well as results for each test variant and the champion.

Export performance results

You can export experiment performance results for individual batch messages into a CSV file. Click Export at the top of the experiments performance page to download the results locally.



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