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Pause, resume, cancel, and unschedule batch messages


Batch messages can be paused, resumed, canceled, and unscheduled via the UI and REST API, giving you control over message sending in the event of unpredictable circumstances.

Pause an email message

Once an email message has started sending, you can pause the message send.

1. Navigate to Messages > Email Sent and locate the message.

2. Hover over the arrow next to the message name and select Pause.

3. A pause icon will appear next to the send time. Hover over the message send time to view more info about the send.

Use case

You discover an issue on your site or landing page that needs to be resolved after you've sent a message. You could pause the send, resolve the issue, then resume sending. If you need to make changes or edits to the message itself, use the cancel message functionality.

Resume an email message

When an email message send is paused, you can resume the message send.

1. Hover over the arrow next to the name of the paused message and select Resume.

Messages sent in timezones that have passed during the window the message was paused will send when the message is resumed. For throttled messages, the paused batch will complete when the message is resumed. The next batch will go out at the scheduled send time (unless the end date has passed). If an audience changes during the message pause, any new contacts will be added to the send upon resuming. Contacts won't receive the message more than once.

Cancel an email message

1. Hover over the arrow next to the message name and select Cancel.

2. Once a message is canceled, it will be denoted with the canceled icon in the Send Time column.

Use case

You discover there is an error in your message body after you've already started sending. You can cancel the message, copy the cancelled message as a draft, and make any appropriate edits. Update the audience to exclude any recipients of the original message, and then send the revised message.

Unschedule an email message

1. Navigate to Messages > Scheduled.

2. Hover over the arrow next to the message name and select Unschedule.

3. You will be notified that editing the message will change its status from scheduled to draft. Click Yes, Continue Editing to proceed. Your message can now be edited and rescheduled.

Use case

You discover that your scheduled batch message send date was input incorrectly or that the message needs to be edited before sending. You can unschedule the send, correct the error, then resume.



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