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User management


You can manage individual users and their level of system access in your Cordial account from the Users page. All account users should have their own login credentials and should be granted the appropriate level of access through assigned roles.

Add a user

1. To add a new user, navigate to Settings > Users.

2. You'll see a list of existing users in your account. Click Invite to add a new user.

3. Provide the user's email address and choose one or more roles to grant the appropriate set of permissions.

4. An account invitation will be sent to the email address you provided, and the user's status will be set to Invite pending.

5. To activate their account, the user is asked to provide a username (the same email address) and create an account password.

6. After successfully activating the account, the user will be taken to the confirmation page. The user's status will change to Active.

Manage users

With sufficient permissions, you can perform some, or all, of the user management functions shown below.

A user cannot update the roles of another user with higher level permissions than their own.

Hover the arrow next to the user name to see the available options:

  • Edit: Update user's assigned roles.
  • Revoke access: Invalidate user's access to your account.
  • Resend invite: Send the account invitation email to a user whose invite status is pending.
  • Cancel invite: Rescind the account invitation previously sent to a user.

Regularly audit users

A routine audit of users in your Cordial account will help you stay aware of user access and permission.

Always remember to revoke access for former employees and contractors.

In the next article, you can learn about API keys.



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