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Account Settings


The Account Settings page contains information specific to your Cordial account. Access to platform settings depends on your account set up and enabled features.

Access your account settings

Navigate to Settings > Account Settings.

Account info

Click Edit in the Account Info pane to access and edit:

  • Account key: referenced when using embedded JavaScript Listeners.
  • Account name
  • Business name
  • Primary contact name
  • Primary contact email address
  • Primary contact phone

Billing contact info

Click Edit in the Billing Contact Info pane to access and edit:

  • Contact name
  • Contact email
  • Contact phone

CAN SPAM/CASL compliance

Navigate to Settings > Account Settings > Email using the left sidebar and select Edit under CAN SPAM/CASL Compliance to access and edit the below information.

These fields are available as account variables and should be used in the footer of promotional email to help ensure compliance with international regulations. You can use Smarty variables to render their values in a message.

  • Business name
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Postal code
  • Email
  • Phone

These values will be rendered in the footer of the standard opt-out form when using the opt-out link

Email sending defaults

Navigate to Settings > Account Settings > Email > Promotional Sending Defaults to access and edit the following information. These will be used as default values when creating email messages.

  • From name: Who the message is from, usually a business name or point of contact.
  • Reply email address: This can be any address that is set up to receive email (i.e., customer service).
  • Transport: This is set up during account creation for delivering messages according to the type of sending being done, which domains are used for sending, and what channels are being utilized.
    • Email transports are authorized for sending either Promotional or Transactional emails, and a default transport should be selected for each classification if both are being used.
    • Learn more about email transports here.
  • From email address: This must match the domain set up for authentication on the account.
    • Domains are configured specifically for each transport.
      • A default address should be configured for the default transport of each classification.

SMS settings

Access the SMS configuration page by by navigating to Settings > Account Settings > SMS. Click Edit to view additional configuration options:

  • Configure your SMS program
    • Transactional messages
    • Promotional messages
  • Customize your messages
    • Opt-in message
    • Opt-in confirmation message
    • Help message

Learn more about SMS channel setup here.

Push settings

Navigate to Settings > Account Settings > Push to access the mobile push channel settings.

Secrets Vault

Navigate to Settings > Account Settings > Secrets Vault to create secret keys such as the SFTP public key authentication public key and private key pair.

In the Secrets Vault, you can also:

  • Create a new secret
  • List of existing secrets
  • Edit secret
  • Delete secret

Test Groups

We've made it easy to create Test Groups so you can send promotional and transactional test messages to specified members of your team. Simply navigate to Settings > Test Groups to create new test groups for batch and automated messages. 



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