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Event Dashboards


Event Dashboards are pages containing a collection of custom charts that display event behavior over time. For each chart you create, you can choose the events, add audience filters, and choose the type of chart to display.

Example use cases

You could create an event dashboard called Message Behavior and add charts pertaining to message clicks and opens, or you could create a dashboard called Browse Behavior that contains charts to visualize site activity.

Create an Event Dashboard

1. Log in to Cordial and navigate to Analytics > Event Dashboards.

2. To create a new dashboard, click Create a Dashboard or select New.

3. Give the dashboard a name.

4. After creating the dashboard, you need to add charts to display. Click Add Chart to add a new chart to your dashboard.

5. Fill out the required fields and click Save.

  • Name the chart
  • Event label
  • Add event(s): You can add multiple events to the same chart if desired.
  • Filter by audience: You have the option to filter the results by audience.
  • Choose the chart display type: Select line graph, stacked area, or stacked columns.

6. Once you've created the chart, it will display.

Chart features

  • Select a date range: Choose from the standard date ranges or create your own.
  • Choose the time interval: Months, weeks, days, etc.
  • Delete the chart by clicking the close button in the top right.
  • Edit the chart settings by clicking the sprocket.
  • Print the chart or download it as an image by clicking the hamburger menu.

If you have multiple events on a chart, you can hover over each to isolate the event. You can also disable one or more events by clicking their name under the chart.

Create a default dashboard

You can create a default dashboard by clicking View All Dashboards (from the welcome page or in the top left of an existing dashboard), hovering over the arrow of the desired dashboard, and choosing Set as Default.




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