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Conditionals and loops overview


Smarty provides you a powerful way to pull data into a message and render it according to certain rules and filters. You are also able to update portions of your Cordial database using Smarty utilities. For a complete list of available utilities, see the Cordial utilities reference page.


  • {if} statements: renders content based on a condition.
  • {foreach} statements: retrieves data arrays, loops through the items and executes a specified operation which may include printing data for each item in the message.
  • Randomizing content: randomizes what content will show in a message.
  • Calculate distance betweeen postal codes: calculates the distance between 2 postal codes, which is useful for sorting records by proximity. (Ex: printing the 5 nearest store locations for each contact.)
  • Sort an array: sorts an array of data according to a key in ascending or descending order.
  • String contains: finds a string of characters within another string.
  • Update contact attribute or list values: updates contact attributes and list values when a message is sent.
  • Send webhook: pings a URL at the time a message renders (preview or send).
  • Last send timestamp: renders the last send date of a specified automation template.
  • Add send properties: adds key/value pairs to the properties object of any system event related to the message contact ID (open, click, bounce, etc.).



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