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Identity+ builds upon the immense value of our embedded JavaScript Listener (also called our Identity solution) to help match additional anonymous behavioral data to known contacts. This enhances your ability to reach receptive contacts and create exciting revenue opportunities for your company.

By enhancing your first-party data with relevant buying signals, more subscribers will qualify for personalized, triggered messaging campaigns like abandoned cart, back-in-stock notifications, and more—in turn increasing revenue per message.

Contact your CSM to enable Identity+ in your account. You must already be using Identity (JS Listener) in order to upgrade to Identity+.

How Identity+ works

1. An unidentified user visits your website.

2. The person's browserID is found by Identity+.

3. If that person is a known contact in Cordial, they'll be marked with idgraph as the source, and Cordial will create an event called crdl_graph_identified

4. If the contact continues exploring your website and firing additional events, those events will all have the idgraph label.

5. Any purchase activity from that contact within 15 days of the identification will contain the idgraph label, enabling Cordial to track how much revenue can be attributed to the Identity+ enhancement.

6. This information is made available in the Identity dashboard.

Example event

Below is an example of the idgraph label that will accompany events from contacts identified by Identity+.

sp: {
identityplus: {
signdate: datetime_of_identification,
source: idgraph_provider

Identity dashboard

The Identity dashboard shows how many contacts our Identity and Identity+ solutions have identified—and the associated revenue attribution.

The Identity dashboard is only available to clients who've purchased Identity+.

1. Log in to Cordial and navigate to Analytics > Identity Dashboard.

2. The default time range for the dashboard is the past 30 days. You can customize the date range in the upper right.

Available metrics

Browser Identification

  • Web browsers identified per day by Identity+
  • Web browsers identified per day by Identity (native JavaScript Listener)
  • Unidentified web browsers (Chrome, FireFox, Safari, etc.)

Revenue attributed

  • Attributed to Identity+ with mcID: The graph identified this contact within the past 15 days, and the contact clicked and purchased from a message that was sent in the past 30 days.
  • Attributed to Identity+ without mcID: The graph identified this contact within the past 15 days, an email was sent, and there's an order in the system within that 15-day timeframe.
  • Attributed to Identity: The contact clicked and purchased from a message that was sent in the past 30 days.
  • Unattributed revenue: Total revenue that's not attributed under the above criteria.



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