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Talon.One integration


Our integration with Talon.One empowers you to utilize Talon.One's promotion tools in Cordial message campaigns. Among other possibilities, this enables you to:

  • Inform customers about up-and-coming promotions and send them coupons.
  • Message contacts in real time to encourage actions that lead to a discount, referral reward, coupon, loyalty points, or any other custom reward.

How it works

1. You build a Talon.One coupon-based campaign that provides any incentive you choose. For example, you could use a coupon to issue a discount.

2. Cordial connects with Talon.One via our REST API, storing unique Talon.One coupon codes as a contact attribute and, via data jobs, enabling you to set up message campaigns with highly impactful personalization.


You must have an account with Talon.One to use this integration.

Talon.One requires a maximum API rate limit of 5,000 messages per minute.


1. Log in to Talon.One and navigate to Settings > Developer Settings from the Campaign Manager.

2. Select Create API Key

3. Click Yes to use the API key with a third-party service.

4. Under Platform, select Customer Engagement Platform

5. Set an expiration date for the API key and click Create API Key.

6. Copy and store the API key.

Available actions


Method URI path


Retrieves a coupon code in Talon.One to use in Cordial.


  • * Required

    Parameters Type Description
    *applicationId integer The ID of the application in Talon.One.
    *campaignID integer

    The ID of the campaign in Talon.One.

    *externalCampaignId string ID of the campaign in Cordial.
    startDate string The start date of the coupon.
    expiryDate string The expiration date of the coupon.
    discountLimit integer Amount of discount for coupon. Can be blank if, for example, the coupon provides a 10% discount or something other than a set value of discounts.
    recipientIntegrationId string The integration ID of the customer profile. When specified, only that customer will be able to use the coupon.
    usageLimit integer The usage limit of the coupon.
    attributes object Optional parameter to set the value of custom attributes.
  • Parameter Type Description
    *customer-engagement-platform-name string Cordial
    *destination-hostname string Base URL or your Talon.One deployment.
    X-DRY-RUN boolean Indicates whether to persist the changes. Changes are ignored when X-DRY-RUN=true.
  • {
    "ID": 20190408,
    "ApplicationID": 398,
    "CampaignID": 5671,
    "Value": "EW-1BC2",
    "StartDate": "2021-09-30T15:35:02.371569+02:00",
    "ExpiryDate": "2024-10-03T15:35:02.371569+02:00",
    "RecipientIntegrationID": "URN-GV8294NV",
    "UsageLimit": 1,
    "Attributes": {
    "email": "",
    "country": "DE"

Request URI



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