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Generative AI content


Generate smarter content—faster—using Cordial's AI solutions. You can swiftly generate email subject lines and cross-channel messaging content to optimize the production process and spark creativity. Our AI content generation tools rapidly deliver text suggestions based on basic details that can be customized for tone and length with a click of a button.

Generative email subject lines

You can use generative email subject lines to enhance the impact of your messages and shorten the process of creating them. Generative AI subject lines are available in batch messages, automated messages, and message experiments.

Generative content in Sculpt blocks

AI-powered content generation is now available within the Sculpt editor for both text and rich text area blocks to speedily build impactful email and in-app messages. Once AI content generation is enabled for the text field in a Sculpt block, you'll see the option to edit and generate AI content in the block during message creation. 



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