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Asset tag management


You can tag assets throughout Cordial and manage them on the Tags page. The tag management page provides a centralized location where you can organize and edit tagged assets used across campaigns and customer touchpoints. Tags can be created for:

  • Messages
  • Data jobs and automations
  • Podium orchestrations
  • Sculpt assets
  • Images
  • HTML content

Access the tag management page

1. Log in to Cordial and navigate to Content > Tags to access the tag management page.

2. The Tags page will display a searchable list of all the tags created in your account.

3. Click a number under the Number of Assets column to view the specific assets currently using a tag.

4. You can search for specific assets using the Search bar.

The tag management page doesn't support dynamically created tags.

Edit or remove existing tags

You can easily edit or remove existing tags on the tags management page by hovering over the arrow next to a tag and selecting Edit or Remove.

Changing a tag on the Tags page will change it across all assets where it's used.

Add tags to assets

When you create a new asset, such as a message, you'll see the option to create a new tag or select an existing one from the Tag dropdown.



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