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January 2024

AI-generated content for SMS messages

You can use AI-generated content in your SMS messages to enhance and streamline the message creation process. Generative AI is available in batch messages, automated messages, and message experiments.

Enhanced Audience Trends charts

Our updated Audience Trends charts feature an adaptive axis to help you better visualize audience growth and interaction with your brand's messaging over time, giving you a deeper grasp of how you can most effectively communicate with contacts and provide high-value information. 

Quiet hours for batch SMS messages

Quiet hours are available for promotional SMS batch messages to ensure that you're contacting people at the optimal time and adhering to Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) guidelines. Quiet hours are easily configurable when creating and editing SMS messages.

Facebook and Google API updates

We're using the latest version of the Facebook Marketing API (v18) and Google Ads API (v15) to add backend capabilities and ensure that your social media marketing campaigns are as impactful and wide-reaching as possible.




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