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Fine-tune your marketing strategies

Programs empower you to analyze new and existing campaigns and assets from a high level, examine their performance side by side, and identify opportunities for optimization. Programs provides one convenient location for you to organize, combine, and compare new and existing campaigns and all their associated content and data.

Combining your orchestrations and automations into a Program, you can analyze their performance over time and zoom in on specific KPIs and elements of campaigns you want to enhance, helping you fine-tune your marketing strategies.

Adding an existing asset to a Program doesn't alter the individual asset. For example, if you add an existing published Podium Orchestration to a Program, it won't be changed.

Minimize the onboarding process

If you're new to Cordial, Programs can help minimize the onboarding process, giving you the immediate ability to send impactful messages to your contacts with out-of-the-box options like abandoned cart campaigns, welcome messaging, product affinity communications, and more. We're excited to collaborate with you to implement campaigns that are right for your brand and marketing goals.

Create a Program

Before you can gather campaign and data assets into a Program, you need to create a Program.

1. Navigate to Programs > New.

2. In the Create New Program pane, give your Program a name, key, description, and attach any new or relevant tags. 

Add assets to Programs

After you create a new Program, you'll see the option to add new and existing assets to your Program as you create or edit them.

Gathering assets into a Program gives you the ability to compare performance and engagement analytics side by side on the Performance tab. It's a powerful way to visualize your marketing strategies and zoom in on areas you want to hone.

Assets available to add to Programs include:

Message automations and Podium Orchestrations can only be used in one Program each.

1. From the specific asset page, locate the asset, hover over the dropdown arrow, and select Add to program.

2. From the dropdown menu on the Add to Program pane, select the desired Program.

3. As you create or edit assets such as automated messages, Data Job automations, audiences, Sculpt Templates and Blocks, Podium Orchestrations, contact attributes, custom events, lists, supplements, products, or HTML content, you'll see the option to add each asset to a Program.

Program performance

You can evaluate the performance of your Programs and assets therein by navigating to Programs > Performance. This data helps you analyze the effectiveness of your marketing strategies, giving you insight on how to communicate with contacts in the most impactful ways.

When you first create a Program, data from the day of creation will populate within 15 minutes. Data for the past 90 days will take approximately four hours to update in your account. Performance data will only populate for messaging campaigns that have been sent.

The Performance page features three sections:

Use the channel switcher to view performance data by channel.

KPIs at a glance

The Performance page provides at-a-glance comparison data for the following KPIs over the specified date range:

  • Sent
  • Delivered Rate
  • Click Rate
  • Opt Out Rate
  • Revenue (overall)
  • RPM (revenue per message)

Click the time range dropdown to compare the Last 7 days vs previous 7 days or the Last 30 days vs previous 30 days.

Performance Trend chart

The Performance Trend chart visualizes KPIs alongside each other for quick comparisons. Choose KPIs to compare from the dropdown menus. The example below shows messages Sent compared to Delivered Rate and then Click Rate compared to Revenue.

Putting these metrics next to each other can help you see new connections and relationships, aiding your team as you ideate new strategies.

Performance Breakdown

The Performance Breakdown pane shows Program assets alongside each other so you can easily evaluate specific areas of performance. After viewing these trends over time, you can drill down into each specific asset to change and optimize it.

Manage Program assets

You can view, edit, and remove assets from your Programs on the Assets tab.

1. Navigate to Programs > Assets

2. Hover over the dropdown arrow in the Assets table to edit or remove an asset.

Removing an asset from a Program does not remove it from Cordial.



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