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February 2024

Modernized Image Library

We optimized our Image Library to make it even easier to use. Enhancements include the ability to insert images into messages with a single click, a new icon toolbar for quick links to common actions, and a new table view with image thumbnails and details. 

Send Time Optimization for batch messages

Our Send Time Optimization (STO) tool is now available for batch email messages. This powerful function analyzes the past 90 days of a contact's order history, site behavior, and interactions with your brand's messaging to determine the optimal time to send a message. Data for STO is refreshed in Cordial on a daily basis to help you maximize customer engagement and delight.

New features in Event Data Reports

The Event Data Reports page gives you single-click access to the JSON record of an event and the message where the event occurred. These new features improve visibility of event data across the platform, helping you further understand how contacts interact with your brand. 

Enhanced Snowflake integration

Our enhanced integration with Snowflake offers support for both incremental and full refresh data syncs. This gives you additional options and control over the synchronization process so you can leverage data between Snowflake and Cordial in the fastest and most efficient ways possible.

Asynchronous API enhancements

We updated the backend functionality of our Asynchronous API, which enables you to stream data from third parties into Cordial, send multiple API requests at the same time, and have more precise control over how Cordial interacts with other systems.

Streamlined Shopify historical imports

The process for synchronizing historical data between Cordial and Shopify has been streamlined. Cordial now breaks up the import process into a handful of Data Job automations instead of several individual API calls. The updated process will get your integration up and running more quickly so you can message contacts based on their behavior in your Shopify store.

Magento support for PHP 8.2

Our integration with Magento supports PHP 8.2, ensuring continued success with this toolset. 





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