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March 2024

Test messages and groups

Easily send test messages to specified members of your team with Test Groups. When creating new messages or editing existing ones, you can send them to Test Groups you've created or manually enter test recipients, giving you space to create a quality assurance process that works best for your team.

SMS Quiet Hours update

We expanded our SMS Quiet Hours window from 8pm – 11am to adhere to TCPA compliance and text messaging best practices. This update ensures that all subscribers receive messages within compliant hours. 


Combine multiple orchestrations and automations into a Program to analyze their performance over time, zoom in on specific KPIs and elements of campaigns you want to enhance—and ultimately fine-tune your marketing strategies. If you're new to Cordial, Programs can also minimize the onboarding process.

Enhanced Data Job Transformations modal

When creating Data Job Transformations, add content from the HTML Content Library to your transformation script with a single click. This simplifies the process of storing, organizing, and editing transformation scripts within Cordial.




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