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May 2024

React Native SDK

Our React Native SDK enables you to integrate Cordial into your iOS and Android applications built with React Native. This sets you up to leverage Cordial's powerful functionality for push notifications, deep links, analytics, and inbox messages in your React Native iOS and Android apps.

Audience Trends enhancements

We've updated our Audience Trends dashboard to make it easier to use and get you up to speed about audience analytics more efficiently. The applied date range for each tracked audience displays at the bottom, and we've included a few additional updates for easier readability.

Resource Center

Our in-app Resource Center is available as a clickable badge in the bottom right of the platform to make learning resources easily accessible. Features include walkthrough guides (new guides will continue to roll-out), a product updates section that spotlights new releases, a rating survey, and a product request form where you can share thoughts on enhancements.

Access assets in Account Monitoring

Messages and automations are available with a single click from the Log Details window in Account Monitoring. This prevents you from needing to find those assets manually, making that process more streamlined.

View messages attached to events

When looking at events on the Contact Profile or Custom Events page, you can access the attached message (when applicable) by clicking the View Message button in the Event Details pane, which simplifies the process and increases transparency.

Copy Test Groups

Easily copy your Test Groups for sending test messages. This is helpful if you want to create a slightly different audience while still keeping your original Test Group.

Experiment subject lines

To improve visibility, each experiment subject line displays next to the variant name on the Experiments performance page for sent messages.

Podium goals deprecated

The goals feature in Podium has been deprecated and won't appear in new Orchestrations. Existing Orchestrations with goals will continue to function normally and display relevant metrics.




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