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Linked audiences

Linked audiences (also called nested audiences) are saved audiences you can use and combine in any message—batch messages, automated messages, and Podium Orchestrations. Any changes made to your original saved audience will cascade to wherever that audience is used, which is helpful for scheduled messages, recurring automations, and behavioral triggers.

In short, you can create your audience once and link it with other audiences in any message or Data Job, unlocking a full range of segmentation capabilities.

Create an audience

In order to link audiences together, you need to create each individual audience by navigating to Contacts > Audiences > New and using the Audience Builder. Once you have your individual audiences created and saved, you can link them together in any message.

Create a linked audience

You can link your saved audiences within any batch message, automated message, or Podium Orchestration.

1. Navigate to Messages and click Create New Message or select Drafts to edit an existing message.

  • For automated messages and Podium Orchestrations, click Automations to get started.

2. Click Edit in the Audience pane to build your linked audience. You'll be taken to the Audience Builder.

3. In the Audience Builder, click the Audiences tab to display all saved audiences. You can drag in any saved audience into the Include Contacts or Exclude Contacts portion and combine it with other relevant saved audiences.

  • The example linked audience below shows contacts who've made a high value purchase in the past 12 months who also have an affinity for shirts.

If you want to change an individual saved audience, navigate to Contacts > Audiences and select the audience to make the change. The change will be applied everywhere the audience is used.

Delete audiences

Saved audiences can only be deleted if they're not combined in linked/nested audiences. Navigate to Contacts > Audiences and select Delete from the dropdown to delete an individual audience.

If the audience is linked with another audience, you need to go into each of the places where the linked audience is used and manually remove it. You can then delete the individual saved audience.



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