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Automated experiment performance


Cordial provides a way to view performance over time for both subject line and body experiments, giving you valuable insight on the most effective ways to communicate with your contacts.

View automated message performance

To view an automated message experiment's performance, open the desired automated message under Message Automations and click on the Experiments tab under Message Performance in the left navigation bar. 

On the experiments performance page, you can view individual results for subject line and body experiments. When viewing the performance of any given experiment, the displayed results are relevant to that experiment only, as of the published date. Experiment performance is tracked separately for each published version, and the performance of all experiment versions within an automation is rolled up into the Aggregates.

Subject line experiment performance

The example below shows the results of a subject line experiment optimized by Unique Opens to Total Sent. Additional display options are available from the drop-down menu, including Unique Opens and Total Sent.

Over time, the algorithm will adjust the sending of variations automatically based on performance. The example below shows that the first variation is performing better over time and will thus be sent to more contacts. The other two variations will continue to be sent, but at smaller numbers. If those variants' performance begins to improve, the algorithm will start sending it in greater numbers and evaluate performance.

Body experiment performance

If a body experiment is run, you'll see the results in a separate results table. The example below shows the results of a body experiment optimized for Unique Clicks to Unique Opens. Additional display options are available from the drop-down menu, including Unique Clicks and Total Sent.

As with subject line experiments, body experiment variants will be sent automatically over time based on performance.

Past versions and exporting results

Using the Copy to Draft function from the message creation pane will create a draft version of the currently published automation, and an opportunity to make changes to the subject line and body experiments. The currently active automation is retired with each newly published version. Retired automations, along with corresponding experiment performance, are saved and can be viewed under the Past Versions tab.

Experiment performance results for a selected version of a sent message can be exported into a CSV file. Click Export to download the results locally. Experiment results are not available as aggregates for all versions of sent messages.



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