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The migration ramp-up process: why we ramp IPs/domains


To most, the migration process comes with great apprehension. This is completely natural and understandable, yet at the same time migrations also present an excellent opportunity to build an even stronger sender reputation while addressing potential data issues such as spam traps, undeliverable records, and lacking recipient interaction.


As a part of customizing each client’s onboarding experience, Cordial’s Deliverability Team creates a personalized ramp plan to intentionally ramp up sending volume over a period of time. Each plan takes into account key deliverability factors, such as engagement, ramp speed, volume, scheduling, receiving domain limits. Based on these key factors recommended adjustments are communicated throughout the ramp process.

Really, there is no cookie cutter approach, and there never will be here, as we consider each client unique and treat them and their requirements as such. Hand-holding through a migration and beyond is crucial to the success of both you and Cordial.

Why can’t I send to my normal mailing audience right out of the gate during a migration?

To answer that, think of your reputation as being set to neutral to begin with. You have to prove who you are and what kind of mail you are sending to the receiving community. The greatest example of this is Gmail. They are the most sensitive to new volume being sent from new IPs and sending domains. The question that they, Gmail, pose is “how did you get all of those new records on a new domain in just a few short days?” The reason for asking this question is that spammers buy lists of addresses to send to. Because of this, Gmail tries to protect its users from being victims of spamming by being overly concerned with sudden ramp ups in volume on new domains and IPs.

Want more information about how your deliverability is? Reach out to your Client Success Manager to set up a call with Cordial’s Deliverability Team for a more personalized conversation.



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