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Sculpt messages


The Sculpt message editor is a powerful yet easy to use drag-and-drop editor for building custom message layouts and content without the need for HTML coding.

Before you can use the Sculpt editor for message creation, you need to create a Sculpt template and Sculpt blocks in your account. The template is a starting point for your message, and the blocks are draggable sections for building your layout and content. You can easily customize templates and blocks within your messages to create eye-catching layouts. 

If the Sculpt editor feature is switched off in your account, messages previously created using the Sculpt editor will be disabled and will no longer send.

Create a new Sculpt message

Navigate to Messages > Create New Message, choose Sculpt Editor, and click Continue.

The option to use the Sculpt editor for message creation will not be available until you have a Sculpt template set up in your account.

Tags are case sensitive. For example, promo and Promo are considered two unique tags.

Select a Sculpt template

In the Message Content section of the message creation page, you'll see a list of available Sculpt templates. Select a template to get started.

Add Sculpt blocks

If there are Sculpt blocks in your template, you'll be able to select and edit them on the Sculpt editor page. If there are no editable blocks, you will need to add them using the Block Library.

1. Click the Block Library button to view any available blocks and drag them into your template.

2. Click the dropdown arrow within a block to reveal more information about the block.

3. Select a block and drag it into the template to start building your layout.

Customize Sculpt blocks

Once you've dragged a block into your template, you can edit its content by clicking on the Block Editor button and using the form in the right panel.

After making changes to the form, the preview pane will automatically updateor you can click the Preview button at the bottom of the form to see the changes.

Move and delete Sculpt blocks

Blocks within the template can be moved and deleted by clicking on the block and using the Move, Add, Delete toolbar.

Preview and save

After adding blocks and customizing your content, you can preview the message in the desktop view, the mobile view, or a split view by clicking on one of the preview buttons at the top of the Sculpt editor.

You can also preview message headers (message subject, from email, reply email, and from description) directly from the preview pane.

Message headers cannot be edited from this location. If necessary, return to the Message Creation page to edit headers and other message properties.

Save Draft

Once you're happy with the layout and content of the message, click the Save Draft button to return to the Message Creation page. You'll see the template name displayed in the Message Content section. You can edit the content using the Edit button, or remove the template from your message by clicking the X button next to the template name.

Any changes made to the current message template will not affect the underlying Sculpt template or Sculpt blocks. Likewise, any changes to the blocks or template will not affect the current message template.



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