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Filter message stats by Time-of-Day analysis


You can find out what time of day your messages perform best by using a combination of Smarty, batch message throttling, and stats filters.

In our example, we'll add a few lines of Smarty code to the top of our message code, throttle the batch message send according to the hours we want to test, and then filter the message stats based on the message send times. We can then analyze performance based on opens, clicks, or any of the available KPIs.

Our example 

Click on the tabs to view the message code, the scheduled sending setup, and the filtered stats results.

  • {$hour = $utils->getNow('America/Los_Angeles', "h_A")}

    <!--Message HTML -->

Message code

For the message code, we'll use a combination of two Smarty tags to render the current time, and then use that time as a stats filter send tag.

Render current time when the message sends

The following Smarty code will set a variable called hour that's populated with the current time (in PDT) when the message sends. To learn how to further customize the time format, visit our article on date and timestamp variables.

{$hour = $utils->getNow('America/Los_Angeles', "h_A")}

Create a stats filter send tag using the current time

Next, we'll create a stats filter send tag using the time variable we created above. We can then filter our stats based on the time of day the message was sent.


Place both Smarty tags at the top of your messageproceeding any HTML codeand save your message. Next, set up message throttling for the times you would like your message to send.

Schedule message throttling

1. After choosing which hours of the day you'd like to test, set up your sending schedule in the Schedule Sending pane.

2. For our example, we want to test how a message performs when sent at 9AM vs 3PM. We'll set up our schedule to send the messages in two batches, one batch at 9AM and the remaining batch at 3PM.

Stats filters results

1. After the message has finished sending, view the results in the Stats Filters section of the sent message performance page.

2. Click the Filter by Tag button to add the desired filters to the table. Available tags will be displayed in the dropdown based on the the throttled batch send times. In our example we have tags for 9AM and 3PM.

3. Once you've added your send tags, you can view message performance for each tag.



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