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Test lightboxes


The Web Forms Test URL feature allows you to preview your lightbox before making it live on your production website. The test link has special URL parameters so that the test boxes only display for those with the link.

Test lightboxes 

1. Check your profile to make sure that your website (or even a specific website page) is listed in your Profile section ( HQ/ChangeProfile ). This is the URL that will be used to create your test box URL (by appending URL parameters).

2. In order for test boxes to work, the following items need to be in place.

  • The Web Forms JavaScript is on your site
  • The lightbox or widget is turned ON
  • The lightbox has at least one condition associated with it (the condition does not have to evaluate to true)

3. Click the test URL (see image below) to display the test lightbox on your site.

4. If you're trying to see how an inline widget looks (not a lightbox, sidebar, or banner), it will automatically display as a lightbox. This is because inline forms require placement with a smart tag or jQuery placement.

5. If you want to display the test lightbox on a specific page, you can set that page in your profile settings (see step 1) OR you can copy the URL parameters at the end of the link (the bolded portion shown below) and add it to the end of any page URL:

  • Original box test URL:
  • Add to a specific page:



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