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QA mode


With QA mode, you can test your most recent widget modifications on a production website while keeping the changes invisible to your website visitors. When visiting your website, a user will be presented with the latest published version of a widget and will be unaware of your recent modifications. QA mode allows you to efficiently and effectively test custom JS functionality, conditional rules as well as design changes without affecting the browsing session of a website visitor.

Launch QA mode

There are two ways to launch QA mode.

Method 1: Enable QA mode from the Boxes page

1. While on the Boxes page, click on the Other Actions drop-down menu.

2. Select Publish QA.

3. Go to any URL on your website and add ?boxqamode to the end of it.

Method 2: Enable QA mode from the Custom JavaScript (Boxes) page

1. Navigate to the Custom JavaScript (Boxes) page. 

2. Scroll to the bottom.

3. Click on Save ALL Snippets and Publish QA.

4. Go to any URL on your website and add ?boxqamode to the end of it.

Technical notes

To ensure isolation, QA mode references a completely different JavaScript file. When the install URL contains ?boxqamode, the QA Mode Javascript file is called instead of the production JavaScript file.

QA mode can also be launched across an entire staging site by modifying the JavaScript code snippet. Read more



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