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Progressive lightboxes


It's often advantageous to request an email address in one lightbox and then collect additional visitor information with form fields in another lightbox. The reason for doing this is that your conversion rate may drop if you show your visitor the additional input fields right away. By including the additional fields in a second lightbox, you increase the chance that you will acquire the visitor's email address.

Set up progressive lightbox

The following steps show you how to accomplish this using Custom JS.

1. Store the email address from the first lightbox as a Cookie

This code will take the email and add it to a cookie.

if ( {

2. Grab the email address from the cookie and submit it on submit of the second lightbox. This code is taking the email cookie from the code above and submitting it again to the integration when this lightbox is submitted.

You don't need to have the email field turned on in the editor for this lightbox.

var primer_latest_email = PRIMER_COOKIE.get('primer_latest_email');
if (primer_latest_email) { = primer_latest_email;
return x;



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