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Cordial web forms


Web forms is a JavaScript application where you can create lightboxes and other widgets to display on your website. These widgets collect information from your website visitors. This customer data can be seamlessly transferred to Cordial with our JavaScript Listener.

Contact your Client Success Manager to get started with web forms.


Web form's most popular widget type is the lightbox. A lightbox is a JavaScript generated popup widget that is displayed over a web page. When a lightbox is displayed, the underlying web page becomes unresponsive and dimmed out until the lightbox is closed. A lightbox can display a form, images, and any other type of html content. Multiple lightboxes can be displayed on a website. The other three widget types are in-line forms, sidebars and banners.

Example lightbox

The web forms application includes a robust boxes editor for you to create lightboxes with.


Lightboxes and other widget types are shown to your website visitors according to the conditions that you create. Conditions determine the circumstances under which a lightbox is displayed. A lightbox must have at least one condition set in order for it to be eligible for display. Multiple conditions can be grouped into rulesets which can then be reused with other lightboxes.  Because lightbox conditions can become complex, master rules are available to help ensure that lightboxes are displayed as you expect them to.

You create conditions within the web form's interface by using the Edit link in the Conditions column.

Test lightboxes

You can test your lightboxes before publishing them to your production website.

  • Read more about testing lightboxes in QA mode.

Custom JavaScript

Within web forms, you can write custom JavaScript that affects lightbox behavior.

A/B and multivariate testing

You can run A/B and multivariate tests within web forms. These tests allow you to determine which variation of a lightbox is most effective for your purposes.



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