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Target a web page with more than one lightbox


Web Forms allow you to target a web page with more than one lightbox. When this is done, the top most lightbox within the Web Forms interface will be shown provided that the conditions associated with the lightbox meet the criteria for display.

For example, if the condition of the top most lightbox is Display until Form Submit, the top most light box will be shown provided that the visitor has not previously closed the lightbox. If the top most lightbox does not have a condition set that meets the criteria for display, the conditions of the next top most lightbox are tested to determine whether it meets the criteria to display. This testing sequence occurs until a lightbox is displayed or until the conditions of all lightboxes have been tested.

Add conditions

1. Lightbox conditions can be added by choosing Add under the Conditions column.

2. After selecting to Add a condition, this form is displayed where the conditional rule criteria is chosen.


Change lightbox order

You can change the order of a lightbox by using the up and down arrows in the Web Form's Interface.



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